Thursday, February 17, 2011

Jonathan Adler On a Budget

I love Jonathan Adler designs. His clean, modern home accessories makes my heart go pitter patter. Unfortunately, I cannot afford most (if any) of his stuff. Here's a few things I'm pining over currently: This beautiful table $70 a settingThis $395 This adorable soap dish is actually in my price $20I'm really wanting this white, clean lined, yet beautifully curvaceous $695 I had resigned myself to only having Jonathan Adler lighting in my dreams, so went to the next best option: Goodwill of course. I wandered in there and found two of these hiding on the shelf for $6.99 a piece. Hmmm, I thought...clean lines, check....curvaceous, check....white, no check. What's a girl to do when she's almost got a Jonathan Adler impersonator in her midst? Spray paint it of course!!! And add a cheap-o IKEA shade for another $6. Not bad if I do say so myself.


Anonymous said...

Hey guys!! SO much fun to see you here!
About the lamp--I like yours even better! Nice work!! ;)
Looks like you are keeping BUSY and having fun. I keep checking to see Chris' photos...when will they be up again?
Take care,
Monica and Dave

The Lows said...

Soon, I'm having a meeting with my designer/web guy tomorrow. Hopefully it'll be up asap, thanks for checking!

About Jess & Jordan said...

I like your lamp better than his!! Turned out great =)