Friday, February 18, 2011

Town Meeting

We're those homeowners now. Yep the ones that go to town meetings. When you get an invitation in the mail that look like this how can you not? The fine print actually reads: You are receiving this open house invitation because your property has been included in the inventory as containing at least a portion of a tree grove. Surely you must believe we felt special, chosen if you will. We decided that since trees are overgrowing our property we should maybe find out what the Tree Grove Preservation Program was all about. You know, making sure if we cut one down we won't be thrown in jail...or maybe a tax incentive to keep the trees. So we headed down to City Hall planning for an entertaining night of arguments between loggers and tree huggers. We were quickly disappointed by the lack of enthusiasm shown by all. Turns out, nobody really seems to care about a tree unless you're subdividing the land. Thankfully we're not in the construction business so our trees are safe for now. They are currently looking pretty ugly... I have been told by the neighbors these are all producing fruit trees. We'll see...otherwise I'm getting out the axe! It's just too bad our town meetings are not more like this one

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