Friday, October 17, 2008


Working for a while in the OB field, I have worked closely with families experiencing the devastation of premature birth. However, until this week I had never had such a personal experience, and though I still cannot fully understand what a parent feels with the loss of a baby, I now feel more compelled than ever to fight for these little ones. Our dearest friends lost their twins to prematurity. Thank you to all who have been coming beside them to pray for this family. In light of this, I am compelled to lead you all the March of Dimes website. Many of you received an email from me regarding this, but if you were not on that list, I invite you to visit in order to sign a petition urging congress to fund more research on this. Prematurity is the #1 cause of death for babies under the age of 1. Would you please help? And to our dear friends, we love you and are continuing to pray.

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