Friday, October 3, 2008

The Debate

What better way to watch the VP debate than with a bottle of Merlot and Figo to go. Now Adam and Kyle, I am not going to get into an argument because I really haven't made up my mind, but I will say this. Being a healthcare provider, I do not want the government making any healthcare decisions. Yes, the Caprese lid says CRAPrese. I thought it was pretty funny.


Kyle said...

Palin's comment about the government "running" healthcare was untrue according to -- in fact, Obama's plan simply makes it so that you and I can sign up for the health plan that members of congress get, which would still be run by private insurance companies. It's a good, fair plan that would not throw the system into turmoil as some would suggest.

Now, McCain's plan (which he apparently just recently came up with) is to tax employer-paid healthcare benefits as income, which would cause lots of businesses to stop providing benefits. For example, my dad, who works at a small TV station, would likely lose his, as the company can barely pay for them now. In exchange for these taxes, McCain would offer each family a $5,000 credit on their taxes for healthcare expenses. The math is wrong, though... The average family pays about $12,000 per year on healthcare, most of which is covered by employers. That means anyone who has private coverage or loses their benefits would end up $7,000 bucks in the hole each year. How exactly does he expect that to work for middle-class folks like you and me?

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Kyle said...

Wait a sec... does your take-out box say "Crapese"???