Saturday, October 11, 2008

Bill Hallman

Last quarter, Chris had a class where the big assignment was to shoot a fashion look book for a local boutique. The boutique had a show for their opening fall line. When we got there, we realized we were seriously underdressed, so we had a drink, had lots of fun looking at the clothes, looked at the cool cars parked outside, and went down the street to have dinner. It was lots of fun though to see his pictures hanging. I absolutely loooooove this bag!!! We did buy one thing though, an outfit for Sophie. Yes, Sophie is our friends Yorkie.


Kara, Joe, Cody & Addie said...

Why didn't Gunnar get an outfit?

The Lows said...

Gunnar didn't get an outfit, because aparently they don't make designer outfits for dogs over 8 pounds.