Friday, October 17, 2008

Rainy day in the A.

So this is Chris, I don't usually do the posts here so I thought I should identify myself, and no photos today. Today it is raining, and I am done with school for the day, have no shoots scheduled, and don't go to work. I have been planing, scheduling, sketching and prop shopping. Soon I will go to Wal-mart for some more prop shopping and tonight is movie night with some friends, some very good friends that we have only known for less than one year. There have been some very interesting things happening here and there recently in our world. Because of all of this, details to be spared, I was struck with the people we are surrounded with. And by surrounded I don't really mean physically, some of them are 3000 miles or more away. What I really mean is that our people are amazing. Our friends and family are good people and we love them. So if you are friends or family reading this, know that we love you and are thankfull that you are in our lives. And for those of you at home (the amazing Pacific NorthWest), we miss you all dearly and we are very excited to see as many of you as possible when we are home for Christmas. Sorry y'all, I just felt compelled to be emotional for a moment. That's it, peace out y'all!

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