Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I laughed Out Loud

One of the things about being a nurse is that you get a crazy amount of mail. So when this month's Nurse's Week (yeah, kinda weird...it's not a weekly publication with that name) came in the mail I eagerly opened it up and began reading. Well not really, I just happened to be bored so I flipped through it. Anyways, I came across this article about a hospital in Oregon. The nurses have to wear yellow sashes when they're administering medications so that nobody interrupts them in hopes of decreasing medication errors. I know that this is important and that medication errors actually kill a number of people yearly in hospitals, but this is hilarious. Where I worked we took a more modern approach to passing meds. The patients had barcodes on their armbands and we scanned the patient and the medication. Salem Hospital FBC ladies...be thankful for the scanners!!!

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Leach Family said...

I read that article also and couldn't stop laughing!!! The scanners are getting better! How's your new job?