Saturday, October 4, 2008

When You're Going Out for Indian... had better check to see if they're open. We went out for Indian food (for the first time) with Kyle and Regan. This is their favorite place...too bad they're not currently open for business. So we ended up at Desi Spice (which in my opinion, was very good, but overpriced). We also me their friend Gigi with the great dane. For those of you that don't know Kyle and Regan, every time they talk about Gigi, they say "Gigi with the great dane." Thanks guys, but how many Gigi's do you think there is around here? We think we know who she is. :) Then we went to Apre Diem for desert...YUM!!

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regan said...

Yea we are missing a pic here! I saw post it! ;)