Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Day 1 Sherwood to Boise

Today was day 1 of our trip across the US. We were all ready to go last night and had the car loaded and realized that the car was way to heavy to take across the country. So my parents are putting half of the stuff on a pallet and shipping it to us. Thanks, mom and dad.
We stopped at a park in Arlington, OR on the way to let Gunnar get out and stretch his legs. We thought this was such a cute park until we found the no dogs allowed sign. We had to give Gunnar sedatives in order to calm him down for the ride, since he hates the car. The ride took us eight hours and we saw alot of brown things. When we got to Boise we realized that Boise is not a very big city. We actually walked all of the downtown area in one hour waiting for our friend Stuart to get off of work. Stuart is a friend of ours from high school, who we haven't seen in years.
This is Dodo. She is Stu's baby and is an African Grey Parrot. She is hilarious. She actually sat on the dining room table while we had dinner and ate watermelon. She talks alot and says "Dodo want treaters," which means that she wants a grape. Unfortunately Stu was out and she was upset about it. She flies around the house and is so cute.


Anonymous said...

At work today, so glad your forst day of travel went well. Thought about you lots yesterday!! Work is work, no new news to catch you up on. Keep us updated!!

Jess and Jordan said...

Hey guys!
We miss you so much already. It still hasn't hit me yet that you're gone, but I know it will soon. We love you guys and are so proud of you to go where you are confident God has called you. We hope you know you always have our support. Enjoy your travels and take lots of fun pictures for all of us back here. We're praying for you and can't wait to see you in October!
Jess and Jordan

Anonymous said...

sounds like a great start. i have been to boise, spent a week there one day. miss you caitlin, i look forward to your updates, fun, fun, ya, barb morris