Friday, August 17, 2007

Day 3 Yellowstone

So last night we were updating our blog for the past two days from an internet cafe in Jackson, WY but the cafe was closed so we were parked in front of it late at night. Our signal was weak and we didnt trust the Wyoming locals not to come at us with shotguns so we left before we could finish our Yellowstone post. They say int he summer the best time to see wildlife is in the morning and the evening. we only saw bison a couple times near the road and some elk type deer things really far away from the road.
The springs and geysers are the coolest part of Yellowstone, here we are at a part where they were steaming so much we could barely see the boardwalk we were on.
Caitlin took this photo of me taking photos over this amazing ledge. there is something so beautiful and so dangerous about this place. It took my breath away a few times.
it rained hardcore right before faithful blew and everyone went running and screaming over to the lodge to get out of the rain, it was pretty funny, i was running like a sissy because i had my camera.
oops, more bison, sorry
our two favorite signs in all of Yellowstone and Teton nat'l forest

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