Thursday, August 23, 2007

Day 9 There goes the AC

Today we drove from Mount Vernon, Illinois to Chatanooga, Tennessee. We stopped in Nashville for about 15 minutes (thanks to our dog), and saw a little bit of the Grand Ole Opry. The good thing is that Nashville in only 4 1/2 hours from Atlanta, so we plan on coming back for a mini vacation. These were the most beautiful and colorful butterflies I have ever seen. I want to plant these flowers on our deck in Atlanta so I can butterflies also. The only problem, I suck and gardening and have no idea what these flowers, can you help?And now for the real fun of the day. My car has been making this blender type noise, off and on for a little while, but really it wasn't that bad, so we didn't think much about it. Today however we discovered (as the noise was becoming more and more frequent) that it was connected with the air conditioning system. We connected this after last summers incident of an exploded air conditioner, ruined heating system, and a $3000 repair. Thanks, to Honda America for footing some of the bill. So needless to say, we think that if we continue to run the A/C the same part will explode. help save the A/C system, we turned off the A/C and opened the windows. We drove 80 miles with no A/C in 100 degree weather - NOT FUN. We are taking the car to the Honda dealer in Atlanta tomorrow morning for diagnostics. Please keep us in your prayers that they can find the problem and that it will be a cheap and easy fix. Also, that Chris can quickly find a car so we can have transportation. Praise the Lord though, that the Honda dealership will give us a complimentary rental car. We love you all and miss you.


Anonymous said...

hey caitlin, it's barb. i'm sorry to hear about the misadventures of gunnar on this trip. maybe instead of the "ace" you should serve him a black russian!! I hope you arrived safely , you guys are doing great with the blog. i have been working at salem this week, kinda fun, long story. thinking good thoughts of you, everyone misses you. love barb

Anonymous said...

Long my nose pierced and unpierced within 24 hours. Work today was B.A.D. Had triage by myself unil 2. 4 c-sections and a vag delivery in the OR. Leah was captain of our sinking ship. She handled it very well though. Miss you, can't wait to hear how your new place is!!