Friday, August 24, 2007

Day 10 Move in Day

Today started getting up in Chattanooga, TN at 4am!!! We had to have my car to the Honda dealership at 7:30. After spending an hour at the dealership, they determined that there was a cable vibrating against a part under the hood. So for only $65 the nice man made the blender like noise go away and he replaced my headlight and...I have a/c in my car again. One thing that we've noticed here is that everybody is really nice, and they all talk to you. So this is our apartment below. It's on the 3rd floor so moving this morning was very hot and disgusting, but now I'm sitting here with the a/c on way too cold and hoping to not have to go outside again until November. Annie, it sounds like you had a terrible day, and I have to hear the story about the nose. And tell Leah, that she is a superstar for being in charge of that unit. I don't think I could do it.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, All! Uncle Stew here. I don't have an online identity because I'm so old ... I mean; secretive. Yea, that's it; seeeekrutive.

Anyway, Chris' dad gave me a link to your blog and I finally caught up on your adventures. I loved reading it. I never knew anyone actually READ a blog. I always thought it was sort of like wearing pink heart underwear: something I do that no one ever knows about.

Love you guys! Let us know when you find a church.