Thursday, August 23, 2007

Day 8 Kansas City to Mount Vernon, Illinois

We stopped in St. Louis to see the arch on our way into Illinois. We had great plans to see lots of St. Louis, but Gunnar had other plans. In this heat, he only lasts about 15 minutes outside until he drops his tail and pulls on his leash until he lays down. In case you're not checking the weather here, it is 98 degrees with about 70 percent humidity. This is weather we've never experienced, and it will take some time getting used too. We were going to stay in St. Louis, but decided to add a few hours to our trip and went to Mount Vernon, Illinois. There really is nothing there, but a few restaraunts. We had our first experience at a Cracker Barrel. I had been told about them, but had never been. For those of you who don't know what they are, they are basically a homecooking restaraunt, with this cute general store, where you can buy old fashioned toys and candy. They're everywhere down here. The other thing that is everywhere down here some sort of bug that we don't know what it is. When we walk out of our hotel room, we can hear this high pitched screaming type of noise (we actually thought it was the power lines), but it's bugs in the trees, how gross!


Jess and Jordan said...

Welcome to the easy coast! Those bugs are called cicada's and in some places they come like plague every 10 years.

Roxanne said...

Chris - those were cicadas! (i don't have any idea if i spelled that right!) They used to drive us crazy in Colorado. I thought they were the power lines too!