Sunday, August 19, 2007

Day 4 Jackson to Denver

this was the view from the front door of our room in Jackson, doesn't it look like bison climbing the hill. each night there was a lightning storm and it looked like this hill kept getting hit on the other side. I think they have lightning storms every night, and they are cool.this was funny, thank you Wyoming have you ever heard of Taco Johns? we sat in this drive thru for about 20 minutes and we were the third car, this is me being frustrated...and my Quesadilla wasnt even fully melted.We decided to go to denver instead of colorado springs, its a good thing too because it was easy to find the ER Vet... so the bad news of the day is that Gunnar was meeting another dog at a bathroom stop in Wamsutter, Wy population 65, yes thats right 65. While he was sniffin noses the other dog snapped and bit and gripped gunnars face. she drew blood and he bit his own tounge. this was at noon, we didnt get him to this ER Vet until 6pm. no stitches but now we can call him scarface.

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