Monday, August 20, 2007

Day 5 Denver

Well, so far our trip is going well. We haven't had any car problems or disasters (other than the ER Vet), praise God! We are staying at the lovely Motel 6 along the way because they allow the dog. Gunnar continues to hate the car and his sedative (called Ace) only works so well. It makes him a little glassy eyed and tired, but he still hates the car. We spent a day in Denver. After scouring the visit Denver magazines, we had a whole day mapped out of things to see and do. The first included walking around the LODO (Lower Downtown) district and then a trip to the CityPark and to the State Capitol....but...1 1/2 hours into walking LODO Gunnar laid down on the sidewalk and wouldn't move because it was sooo hot. So much for sightseeing in Denver. Here's some photos of what we did see.
So Chris got this funny thing called a lomo camera (he calls it a toy camera though), and we took the film to get developed in Denver and this is what he got.

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